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What is ERP Central Component?

SAP ERP(Enterprise Resource Planning) Central Component (ECC) is one of the most recognized assets that SAP owns. It is an enterprise resource planning software which consists in several modules that provide the organizations with great control over their key business processes.
Modules can communicate with each other to create a fully integrated solution specific to almost any customer within a wide range of industry sectors.
SAP ECC implementations are a big challenge for any customer because of the risk that represents changing the way they manage vital information and processes, but the importance of counting with this kinds of systems, and the benefits of a successful/integrated ERP implementation are too valuable.
With modules like Financials (FI), Material Management (MM), Sales and Distribution (SD), Human Capital Management (HCM), among others, SAP ECC is one of the preferred choices for many organizations.


-SAP R/1, System RF - 1972
-SAP R/2, ran on a Mainframe architecture - 1979
-SAP R/3 Enterprise Edition 1.0 A - July 1992
-SAP R/3 Enterprise Edition 2.0 - 1993
-SAP R/3 Enterprise Edition 3.0 - 1995
-SAP R/3 Enterprise Edition 4.0 B - June 1998
-SAP R/3 Enterprise Edition 4.3
-SAP R/3 Enterprise Edition 4.5 B - March 1999
-SAP R/3 Enterprise Edition 4.6 C - April 2001
-SAP R/3 Enterprise Edition 4.6 F
-SAP R/3 Enterprise Release 4.70 Release Date March- Dec 2003[2]
-SAP R/3 Enterprise Edition 4.7
-SAP R/3 Enterprise Central Component (ECC) 5.0 - 2004
-SAP R/3 Enterprise Central Component (ECC) 6.0 - Oct 2005- Jun2006
-SAP ERP 6.0 - Enhancement Packages (1,2,3,4,5,6,7)


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