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PC Crash or Freezing of Computers and Their Solutions

PC Crash or Freezing of Computers and Their Solutions
A personal computer or a laptop has become an important tool for almost everyone these days. Using a PC is not a luxury anymore. In fact, it has now become a basic necessity. However, we do face problems with our computers every now and again. The biggest of all the computer problems is the system crash, or the dreaded blue screen.
Usually such problems might occur due to hardware or software issues. More often than not, it will be because of the operating system getting corrupted. Issues related to operating system usually arise if you use a pirated OS.
What are the issues that cause freezing of Windows?
There are a wide range of reasons that could cause freezing of PCs. It could be due to hardware problems, or due to system files getting corrupted. Sometimes, the systems freeze if we do not use them properly. For example, improper shutdown of computers can cause issues. If you repeat it several times, then there are chances of operating system getting corrupted. Once the OS is corrupted, then you will not be able to switch on your computer. It means that you will see a blank screen, or a blue screen display.
Damaged registry:
Another reason that might cause a system freeze is the damaged registry. Registry basically has the core information that manages overall operations of systems. When the registry gets corrupted, it will eventually lead to OS failures or system crash. The systems become unpredictable, and you will not be able to use them efficiently. Registry is the most useful part of your PC, especially in a Windows Operation System. It is more like a central repository that stores all the software settings and preference options.
System registry is the vital core of a computer that calls a number of settings each and every time an individual uses the system. Since the registry is used more frequently, there are chances of it getting corrupted. Even virus and spyware can attack the registry files and mess up the settings.
How to prevent system crash?
You will need to have considerable knowledge to fix the registry issues. However, there are many Registry Cleaning and repair programs that will help you resolve the registry issues with quite an ease. They are also very simple to use. All you will need to do is, download and install them on your system. Although, the registry is not the only reason for Windows crash, it is one of the main reasons for the problems associated with PC freezing.
Make sure that you use your computers in a systematic manner. Don't directly unplug your systems without shutting down the windows. Use a proper UPS System for power backup, so that your system does not get switched off automatically when the power goes off. Your UPS should give you sufficient time to save your works and shutdown your system. Update your antivirus regularly to download the latest virus definitions. Keep your system free from dust and moisture.

By Ramonr Coburn


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