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SAP Netweaver

What is SAP Netweaver?

SAP Netweaver is a platform that -
support various SAP applications such as - ERP, CRM, etc
provides usage types for analytics and integration, such as – BW, PI & Portal, etc.
can operate independently (a.k.a. Standalone Instances) for various purposes, such as –
ABAP or J2EE services
Monitoring, Basis services (e.g. email, fax, ccms, etc)
Platform for specific add-ons (e.g. LVM, GRC, ILM, ADS, etc)
Netweaver runs both Java (or rightfully, J2EE Services) and ABAP independently or in some cases both ABAP and Java together (eg. Solution Manager and PI).
Netweaver also has its own release and release strategy. For example NW 7.0 or NW 7.0 EHP1 or NW 7.3.
Not all products run on all Netweaver versions. For example –
• ERP 6.0 EHPx runs only on NW 7.0 EHPx and is not released for NW 7.3 EHPx
• NW 7.1 was released only for certain usage types such as PI, Portal or BW
• etc.

What SAP Netweaver is not?

SAP Netweaver is not always a “Java” instance nor necessarily a product that you will have to install. The architecture has to be rightly chosen depending on the business problem you are trying to solve.
For example, sometimes it would make sense to use the existing SAP Portal platform to also support other add-ons while sometimes it just makes sense to separate them out. Another example - you might decide to install SAP Netweaver Gateway (which is an add-on) on a separate Netweaver system with ABAP-only stack instead of running it on the Netweaver available within an ECC system.

SAPinst JAVA DB Dump Import Error - Phase Configure Oracle Client Network SAPInst

An error occurred while processing option <i>SAP NetWeaver 7.0 including Enhancement Package 2 > Software Life-Cycle Options > System Copy > Oracle > Target System Installation > Distributed System > Based on AS Java > Database Instance( Last error reported by the step: System call failed. Error 1 (Not owner) in execution of system call 'lchown' with parameter (/oracle/SID/11204/network/admin, 150153, 650), line (231) in file (syuxcnode.cpp), stack trace: EJSController.cpp: 182: EJSControllerImpl::executeScript()
JSExtension.hpp: 1101: CallFunctionBase::call()
iaxxbfile.cpp: 319: CIaOsFile::setACL_impl()
syuxcdir.cpp: 42: CSyDirectoryImpl::setACL(const PSyACLInt &, ISyNode::eACLInheritMode, ISyErrorHandler *, ISyProgressObserver*)
syuxcnode.cpp: 165: CSyNodeImpl::internalSetACL(PSyACLInt)
syuxcnode.cpp: 188: CSyNodeImpl::setNativeACL(const NativeSecurityDesc_t & sd, ISyErrorHandler * pErrorHandler) const

Solution :

1. Check permission /oracle/SID/11204/network/admin and compare with other system
2. Try give full access on admin folder/files, then retry
3. Backup and recreate folder admin/files , then retry
3. Backup admin folder and retry then retry