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3 Tips on Using Technology in New Ways

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As a Solutions Architect in the IT field, I enthusiastically bring new technologies to my customers. When I'm not bringing the best technology has to offer to my customers, I experiment with my own bits of the digital universe I have at home. Modern personal electronics like computers, game consoles and smart phones come with powerful processors and advanced features that to do amazing things.. Most of us have at least one of these items in our homes, but don't take advantage of these new powerful features. Use these great items in new ways and you'll be amazed how they will simplify your life.

Speech to text: Using speech to text software to compose email has been a technical reality for quite some time. Install a small device (about the size of a half dollar coin) into your car, combine it with any bluetooth capable cell phone, and now you can compose and send the same email while in your car using only your voice For anyone who spends the most of their working hours in a car, speech to text software creates a huge productivity boost. Integrate a few devices you may already have in your home and control your computer, phone, radio, and even your house with your voice. Taking advantage of open standards and simple configuration utilities, you can use voice control to make your life more "hands free".

Video collaboration: Video collaboration has a dramatic positive effect on business, strengthening bonds with remote colleagues and customers. New low cost HD cameras, fast internet access, and hosted solutions make true video collaboration a reality at lower prices than ever before. A well planned video collaboration session can replace an in-person meeting, and using a hosted solution makes the setup simple. Incorporate video collaboration into your work using features included in your laptop, phone, or game console and get the most out of every conversation.

Automation: This category is often overlooked but can simplify or eliminate many manual tasks. Automation capabilities are built in to many personal electronics you already own and can be accessed using a computer, phone, or game console. The benefits of automation start on the desktop of your computer and can even extend far past that into automating lights and appliances in your home or watching your front door. Almost every electrical item in your house is capable of being automated or remotely controlled. The use of automation technologies is really only limited by your imagination and technical prowess.

By Jona Rodriguez


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