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Computer Turns On And Off By Itself

There are several reasons if your computer turns on and off by itself. Before troubleshooting the issue you need to identify what is the root cause of this serious problem.

Faulty Hardware.
Damaged Registry Entries.
Virus Infection.

Follow the steps given below if your computer turns on and off by itself.

Fix Hardware Issues:

If you are wondering why my computer turns on and off by itself, verify that power supply voltage switch is set correctly.
It would be wise to unplug/uninstall the device that you recently added to your computer. For instance, remove web-cam or any other device that is linked to this problem.
Unplug and reattach your input devices. Replace power supply.

Disable Unwanted Services running in the background:

Sometimes unwanted services running in the background are real source of the problem due to which the computer turns on and off by itself. Disable all unwanted services running in background. Follow these steps.
1. Click on Start button.
2. Go to Run and type "msconfig" press Enter.
3. In System Configuration Utility click on Startup Tab.
4. Disable unwanted startup services from here.
5. You are done.

Fix Registry:

Major source behind computer turning on and off by itself is Windows registry. Registry is database where all information related to applications and hardware is stored in form of entries. Manual modification of registry is not easy. You may opt for some reliable registry cleaner and PC optimizer software.

Remove Viruses from your computer:.

Your computer can turn on and off by itself due to virus infection. Scan it with reliable antivirus and remove viruses.

By Shane Z


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