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Optoliner Systems - History, System Features and Specifications

High precision optics as well as detailed optical instruments are extremely valuable in many fields of studies. Optical systems and instruments that are state-of-the-art are necessary in areas like astronomy, science, oceanography, optical metrology, quantum mechanics, fiber optics, physics, remote sensing, seismology and many more.

These high-precision instruments demand an advanced engineering and the highest degree in craftsmanship in order to produce a quality optical solution such as these instruments.Optoliner systems are used for various purposes. Instruments like autocollimator, camera testing, camera test patterns, camera test software, interferometer and alignment telescopes is used for different purposes.

The Optoliner System K-Series is the modern version to products that provide a reliable, accurate and efficient tool to the television camera test.The K-Series Optoliner System is available in 5 model versions that provide another image that would fit any given camera. The test pattern projector is the heart of this system. This system projects sharper and distortion-free images and high uniformity of light. This system allows the test engineer to check the sensitivity, linearity, geometric distortion, color registration, light level registration, system square wave response, gamma and the resolution as a contrast function of a test pattern. The full line neutral density filters allow the testing of cameras on an extremely low light level.

The K-Series Optoliner System can be operated in daylight, and it is remarkably compact. With K-Series Optoliner System, filters, target patterns and illumination systems can be replaced or removed in a matter of seconds. There are companies out there that are ready to assist their customers in redesigning models for specific applications that will increase a variety of magnification, better uniformity of illumination, adding filters to spectral bands, adapting to nonstandard camera mounts and many more.
The digital multipurpose meter can measure color temperature, lamp voltage, three decades of illuminance and everything that displays on the panel meter. The Optoliner projector is coupled to the television camera while the readings are monitored continuously. The detachable, incandescent illumination system integrates sphere with three light bulbs.

Optoliner systems are contained in a carrying case in order to protect them in transportation. The major components of an Optoliner system include; the Incandescent Illumination System, Optoliner Projector, Internal Probe and Cable, digital multipurpose meter, the power supply, Set of three Spare Light Bulbs, the meter, the detectors and two test pattern slides.
All test patterns have an identical dimension, and they can be used on a standard projector models. The accessories of the test pattern have their purpose and most are to provide information to the test engineer regarding the condition of the camera.

 By Sherwin Ree E Miras


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