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Why You Should Change Your Desktop PC With A Laptop Computer!

Why would you replace your desktop with a laptop and what are the best desktop replacement laptops, you ask? First of all, let's consider the reasons:

For starters, more and more people prefer the portability a laptop provides. You cannot carry a desktop around that easily so the best desktop replacements are indeed laptops regarding the portability issue.

Power Saving
A desktop computer's power supply can suck up to 1000W of power which can inflate your monthly electric bill quite a bit. Why go for these power guzzlers when you can get a one of the best desktop replacements out there, a laptop? A laptop can run on batteries so, when you're not charging it, it can run pretty much only on its battery.
Newer versions come with newer battery technologies which can last up to 12 hours on a single charge. Laptops are indeed the best desktops replacement when it comes to saving power and decreasing your monthly bill.

Space Requirements
If occupied space is your main concern, then the best desktop replacement is indeed a laptop due to its limited space requirements. With a desktop you can get to occupy a whole desk, considering all the peripherals, monitor and the computer case. Also, many users are multimedia junkies so the whole contraption can get even larger with additional surround sound systems and many USB gadgets that have already hit the market. Why not keep it simple and replace the huge space occupied with a laptop and, if it suits your needs, get a small mouse for your laptop. That's pretty much all you need and you get to save up on a lot of space in the process.

Internet Connectivity
Wired or wireless internet access? That's the question when considering a replacement for your desktop PC. With wired internet access, you can only connect your desktop to the internet using a wired (fiber, cable, etc) connection and you can't take it anywhere with you. With a laptop to replace your desktop, you have the portability issue solved, along with gaining access to wireless internet access present pretty much all over the place in our current times.

By Adrian Anton


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