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The Most Popular Browser To Save You Money

I wonder which group of browser users would save more money when it pertains to grocery shopping?
The one thing everybody using the internet has in common is the fact they use a browser to manage how they view the internet. There are numerous kinds of browsers out there to select from and I am not writing this a tech person who knows all the differences of each browser. I am writing this because many people are experiencing financial pain with the way the current economy is treating them and browse the internet for solutions.

The internet is a very useful tool to gather information about any subject. You can find substantial information about coupons, tips to save money, find a job, know what is going on around the world and in your own back yard, phone, chat, video chat.

All these things are very important. The question I have is how do you use and what kind of browser do you use if you want to find information about how to feed a family on a limited budget. Is there some kind of interesting fact nobody has looked at when a correlation is made between grocery budget and browsers?
There could be a unique relationship between who is frugal and what type of browser they use. Let me share a little bit of information that triggered this article.

The statistics for people who look at my blog about feeding a family of four for under $100 a week has produced some interesting numbers. Now I am not a tech person but this is kind of obvious, even though the numbers are small. Just to be clear, I rarely mention product or promote any kind of brand. This is not about that but I will mention one browser here because the article will not make sense with out it. The most popular browser to view my blog is Firefox.

Firefox has a 48% view rate and a commanding lead of the top three browsers viewing my blog. Does this mean people who are looking to save on their grocery budget prefer Firefox? If we expanded this number to 100 Million views would the numbers still be fairly close? Maybe this is just coincidence because the population that has viewed my blog has not reach a million views yet. I could be onto something important relating to how frugal Firefox viewers are. We will keep tracking these numbers and I will write another update article in a few months.

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Rick and his wife have been able to reduce their grocery budget by almost 50% since they started this challenge in 2010. Their 15 years of grocery shopping for the family has led them to start a blog that includes using leftovers to save big, money, meal planning, cooking utensils, recipes, and grocery lists.

By Rick J Henderson


Zikri Husaini said...

there still have an alternative to choose the web browser... mostly user using Firefox in-term of the windows user is rarely using including me...

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