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This Operating System Looks For More Cash Savings

Making money on the internet is all about being number one. It is very similar to many sports where the first place the winner receives the most. Similar to sports second place can also be lucrative. Many articles I have read write about knowing your market, finding your niche and dominating until you become number one. I decided I was going to take a peak at my statistics for my blog and see how things look. My blog is new to this world, it was born in 2011 on a very interesting topic.

I was totally amazed at my numbers. People were actually reading my content, surprising as this was to me it was what I wanted to have happen. The internet is an amazing technology that allows people to do so many things that they could not dream of 10 years ago. Remember the phone when all it did was send and receive voice? Now we have video chat, instant messaging, picture sharing, social networking the list goes on and on. The internet can also be used to make money and gather information. There are millions of people and companies that are freely sharing information on the internet. My kids use the internet for school projects and to email their teachers.

The statistic that stood out for my page was the different types of operating systems being used to view my blog. Could there be some kind of relationship between the operating system being used and the kind of person who is looking for information about managing the family food budget?
The number one operating system had 70% of all page views. Windows dominated this statistic, I am not sure if this surprises anybody.

My blog is about sharing information to help people manage their food budget. With the economy the way it is people are looking through out the internet for information to help them cut costs. Grocery shopping and meal planning are two ways to achieve substantial savings in cash.

Window users could be suffering a substantial amount of financial pain from job losses or other financial events and looking for helpful information more than any other operating system user. It could be the other operating system users are more entrepreneurial in spirit and look for ways to make money instead of having to cut back on expenses.
I will have to monitor the statistical data I have received and continue to update through future articles.

By Rick Henderson


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