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Why Most Common Computer Problems Can't Be Solved by Common People

Computer problems are numerous and a headache. Solving such computer problems poses confusion if you are not trained for that trade. Some computer problems are so easy to resolve and most of the time is exasperating. But what if you can identify and solve the most common computer problems one may encounter? Fixing your own computer is such a reward and it saves you $$$.
Let us now state the most common computer problems and the quick solutions. This will come handy and suitable to any computer user whether technically or not technically inclined.

Slow Computer
This is caused by many factors both software and hardware. If the cause is due to computer hardware problems, then it might be better to let a more experienced technician fix your computer. Slowing of your computer due to hardware issue is usually pointed out to a small capacity RAM, overheating processor, and or a overheating video card. This can however be solved by replacement or upgrade or adding some fans and reseating of the peripherals. But if is a software issue, then you can fix it. Slow computers are mostly attributed by driver issues, low disk space, and virus or malware infection. These are the most common computer problems that we usually encounter and even makes life harder when you can just fix it yourself.

Update Your Device Drivers
Driver issues can easily be resolved by running a good driver fixing programs that automatically fixes and updates drivers for your computer. Also try to free up some space on your hard drive because low disk space can terribly slow down your computer. Consider deleting unnecessary files and uninstall clutter programs and games that hogs up your disk space. Aside from that, try adding more virtual memory for your computer.

Scan Your Computer With A Good Known Antivirus
I am not selling any antivirus products but I certainly recommend you to have an antivirus installed in your computer. This is very important because losing data due to neglect on the destructive capability of viruses pays a big price. Computer virus "eats up" your RAM and Hard Disk space thus significantly slows down your computer. So why not consider installing an antivirus?

Run A Registry Cleaner or Optimizer
Believe me, I doubted registry cleaners and optimizers before. But when I started learning how to fix computers so many years back, I now strongly recommend computer users to use registry optimizers for their computers. As a computer service technician, I always have a registry optimizer at my rack. Registry optimizers boosts your computer's performance significantly.
These are the most common computer problems that common people can fix. You don't have to be a technician to solve simple and common computer problems, all you need to do is learn and save money. More tips, beginners' troubleshooting guide and tutorials are provided at this great computer hardware servicing nc ii tutorial blog.
Efren works as a full time Computer Hardware Servicing NC II Instructor and a part-time computer hardware repairman.

By Efren Whey Cojuanco


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Nice post, There are some other problems with computer like network issues, booting problems, slow internet etc., We can get Remote Tech Support for any kind of PC issue.

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