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Computer Optimization

You can optimize your computer start with optimizing masters or super rabbit, then select the following measures to optimize again.

1. Disable idle IDE channel
Right Key click "my computer - properties", and then click "hardware" and then click "device manager", in which opens "IDE ATA/PATA controller" then respectively into primary and secondary IDE channel, select the advanced Settings ", found here "current transfer mode" for "not applicable" event, will this "device type" set to "no

2.The Optimization of visual effect
Right-click the "my computer" - "properties" - "advanced", in the "performance" column, click "Settings" - "visual effect", adjusting for optimum performance, or just to keep some necessary projects.
[Operating Systems] timeout=30

3. Start-up and fault recovery
"My computer" -- the "property" -- "senior" -- "start-up and fault restoration" click "Settings", remove "will event into system logs," "send management alarm," "automatic restart" option,
Will "writing debugging information" is set to "no",
Click on the "edit" properites notepad file:
[Operating by telephone under 0120-2714540] timeout = 30 to 30 seconds to 0 seconds.

4, disable error reports
"My computer" -- "properties" -- "advanced" - points of "bug report", click "disable error report", "but in serious micro-guidewire mistake when informed me" - sure.

5., the setting of the system restore
Click start "-" all program "-" appendix "--" system tools "-" the system restore ", in the system restore interface, remove "in all drive off the system engineering reduction" in front of hook, in "of the available drives" area, where XuanXi TongPan division, click "Settings" into "the system restore Settings" window will be "to use disk space" transferred to 5% or more small, "ok" returns, according to the above methods will other division set disabled

6. The updation of Shut down automatically
Shut down automatically update concrete operation for: right-click the "my computer" - "properties" -- "automatic updates", "in the notification Settings" column choose "shut down automatically update. Choose" I will manual updating of computer "one.

7. Closed remote desktop
Right-click the "my computer" - "properties" -- "distance", tick off the connection of "remote desktop" in "allow users remotely to this computer".

8. Disable dormancy function
Click start "--" control panel "-" power management, "--" dormancy ", "will enable to remove the hook before the hibernation.

9. Close the " function of "Internet time synchronization""
Ordinal click start "--" control panel "--" date, time "regional and language options," and then click "cancel before the tick." Internet time ", automatic and Internet time service synchronization ".

10. close disk index
Open my computer, right-click the drive, choose "properties", "cancel the hook. n front of "use index to locate file"rapidly.

11, disable, extra service components
Right-click the "my computer" -- "management" -- "services and applications" - "service", set the right pane extra service to disable or manually.

12.Close Dr.Waston
Click "start-run-type in drwtsn32 oder, open the window of Drwaston,save the option of dump all thread context, cancel the hook of it.

13.Set Virtual memory
The minimum physical memory is 1.5-2 times,and maximum is 2-3times. The method of virtual memory setting:right click my computer-- attributes - senior - performance Settings - senior - virtual memory changes - in the list of selected system disk descriptor - custom size - in the "initial size" and "maximum" setting value, and then click "set" button, finally click ok exit.

By Wei Zhang


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